Magento 2 website with complete design, UX process and ERP integration.

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PlayerLayer was founded in 2009 designing and producing Modern Sports Basics. They needed a multi-currency suite of websites including personalisation, collated delivery and an ERP integration.


Their product range has recently grown to include a new range of eco-friendly sport basics, called EcoLayer. This includes a range of sports leggings made using recycled water bottles with biodegradable packaging.

PlayerLayer approached Absolute as the migration of their existing Magento 1 website to M2 was proving troublesome with the original developers. This came at a key time because as well as the migration to M2, significant key business processes were being added.

These included warehouse software and the integration with the third-party who manufacture the personalised embellishments. All of this new functionality also needed integration with their ERP software. PlayerLayer required multiple M2 storefronts. Each required individual websites for specific currencies along with full integration with their ERP.


Full UX and design process creating one core theme that could be used by the PlayerLayer brands.

We worked collaboratively with their ERP on continued product import, incremental stock and price imports, order fulfilment (including personalisation) and collated delivery. Collated delivery is the automation of taking a number of individual orders from a given team, school or university and collating them into 1 large shipment. The shipment is then delivered directly to the institute for distribution to save on individual shipping costs.

Although one of the brand's product range consisted of a relatively small number of base products, each team, school or university had bespoke requirements (team badges etc). The opportunity to personalise specific products in a number of ways was required e.g. names and number placed in various locations on a garment such as the chest, back or shoulder. Each combination is consider as in individual SKU meaning a continually growing catalogue of over 250,000 SKUs.


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