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Key Results
Overall Revenue Increase
Overall Transaction Increase
Overall Conversion Increase

A performance overhaul was just what the doctor ordered.

Over 1000% increase in revenue for Ireland's leading online and community pharmacy.

McCabes Pharmacy is a family-owned and operated business with over 40 years experience of caring for the community and dispensing prescriptions. McCabes was seeing significant growth in their online business, especially during the COVID pandemic and tasked Absolute with continuing that trend. 

The Challenge

Absolute started working with McCabes back in 2019 with one simple mission, to improve the overall site speed whilst delivering a seamless customer experience. McCabes’ trusted SEO partner conducted an initial Optimisation Audit which raised a number of performance issues, however, the problem was that McCabes didn’t have the in-house capability or technical partner to resolve the issues highlighted.

The Conclusion

Our work was delivered in two phases - the first phase was to resolve the issues that McCabes’ SEO agency had uncovered. A virtual meeting was arranged between McCabes and Absolute to discuss the main concerns. We then raised a number of support tickets to catalogue these issues and assigned them to our support team. 

The second phase involved a mobile audit, combined with a comprehensive UX review, designed to improve on-page conversion. The resulting scope of work generated a significant number of support tickets, so we took the decision to appoint a dedicated Senior Project Manager to oversee the project.

The results speak for themselves: over a three week period the team at Absolute successfully completed and deployed live no less than 43 individual tickets, ranging from removing spinners from the checkout stage, to changing the email sign up on the homepage. 

Each of these small improvements combined to deliver a 53% decrease in average page load time as well as increasing the average page conversion rate by 148%. McCabes also saw an initial gain of 35% in sales revenue from the point the ‘new’ site was launched.

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