Tackling Common SEO Challenges on Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus boasts immense potential for ambitious E-commerce players, but navigating its intricacies, especially in the realm of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), can feel like deciphering a secret code.

For eCommerce Managers, Digital Marketers, Online Business Owners, and SEO Consultants who call Shopify Plus home, mastering platform-specific SEO hurdles is essential. Here's the truth: SEO isn't just a bonus - it's the bedrock to unlocking your Shopify Plus store's full power, skyrocketing your visibility, traffic, and ultimately, sales.

This article cuts through the complexities, offering actionable insights, strategies, and practical solutions customised for Shopify Plus users. We'll tackle everything from technical nuances to crafting content that search engines love. Buckle up for a guided journey into the Shopify Plus SEO world, where we'll empower you to fortify your online presence and watch your store soar.

Understanding Shopify Plus and It's SEO Capabilities

Shopify Plus, the heavyweight champion of E-commerce platforms, packs a punch when it comes to SEO. Its built-in features are like your trusty boxing gloves – user-friendly meta tags, clean URLs, and even robots.txt editing – giving you control over your site's SEO fundamentals. But here's the catch: sometimes, Plus feels a bit like fighting with one hand tied behind your back. You can't directly tweak key things like canonical tags or deep dive into the code for hardcore customisation.

That's where Plus's secret weapon comes in: scripting and powerful APIs. These are like your special moves, letting you craft personalised SEO solutions and go beyond the basics. They unlock a whole new level of strategic flexibility, making Plus ideal for complex, nuanced SEO tactics.

So, is Plus your SEO friend or foe? It's both. It offers immense possibilities within certain limits, setting the stage for both exciting opportunities and head-scratching challenges. Buckle up because we're about to dive into these quirks and conquer them together!

Common SEO Challenges Faced by Shopify Plus Merchants

Being a Shopify Plus merchant is like being a superhero – you've got superpowers like advanced features and robust APIs. But with great power comes… well, you know. Here are 3 common SEO villains you might encounter on your epic quest for online visibility: 

  • The URL Strangler: This villain loves locking your URLs into a rigid format, making it tough to sneak in juicy keywords or descriptive words that help search engines understand your pages. But fear not! You can outsmart him by crafting killer meta titles and descriptions that pack a punch with relevance and click-worthiness. Think of them as your SEO battle cries!
  • The Duplicate Content Duplicator: This sneaky villain loves making copies of your content and scattering them around your site like confetti. This confuses search engines and hurts your rankings. But don't worry, you have weapons! Canonical tags are like your truth serum, pointing search engines to the original content. Redirects are like bouncers, sending duplicate visitors to the right door. And no-index tags are like "Do Not Enter" signs, telling search engines to skip unwanted copies. Use these tools strategically, and you'll vanquish the Duplicate Content Duplicator for good!
  • The Site Speed Slowpoke: This villain wants your website to load like a sloth on tranquilisers. But remember, slow pages make both users and search engines grumpy. To outrun the Slowpoke, optimise your images like a ninja, leverage browser caching like a magician, and ditch unnecessary apps like a minimalist decluttering your home. And don't forget content delivery networks, your trusty steeds that deliver content lightning fast. With these tactics, you'll have a site that zooms past the competition and keeps both users and search engines happy.

Advanced SEO Strategies for Shopify Plus

Ready to take your Shopify Plus SEO from beginner to boss? Buckle up because we're diving into the secret weapons that'll make search engines sing your praises:

Content Craftin' Mastery:

  • Title Tags & Meta Descriptions: These are your SEO sirens, luring both users and search engines with juicy keywords and irresistible clickbait (okay, not bait… persuasive calls to action!). Make them keyword-rich, relevant, and oh-so-compelling.
  • Product Descriptions: Ditch the boring boilerplate! Weave your product stories with unique, informative content sprinkled with relevant keywords. Think of it as SEO candy that users gobble up and search engines love.
  • Image Optimisation: Don't just slap up any old picture. Give your images descriptive filenames, helpful alt text (think screen readers!), and a good squeeze to shrink their file size. Trust me, your site speed will thank you.

Technical Terrain:

  • Schema Markup: Think of this as search engine whisperer. It tells them exactly what your content is about, potentially earning you those fancy rich snippets in search results.
  • Canonical Tags: Duplicate content is the SEO bogeyman. Canonical tags are your ghostbusters, pointing search engines to the one true version of a page and boosting your ranking mojo.
  • Mobile-First Focus: In today's phone-obsessed world, your site better be mobile-friendly. Luckily, Shopify Plus offers the tools to make it happen – think custom scripting, APIs, and endless customisation options. Use them to make your site mobile-marvellous and watch those search engine rankings soar.

Remember: Mastering these advanced strategies takes time and practice. But with dedication and a little help from your friendly neighbourhood SEO guide (that's me!), you'll be conquering search engines in no time. Now, go forth and unleash the SEO beast within your Shopify Plus store!

Leveraging Shopify Plus Features for SEO

Shopify Plus isn't just an E-commerce platform, it's an SEO dream come true. Packed with secret weapons, it lets you control everything search engines see and do on your site. Here's what makes Plus your SEO superhero HQ:

The Robots.txt Gatekeeper: This nifty tool lets you decide which parts of your site search engines can peek at. Want to hide duplicate content or unfinished pages? Boom, they're invisible! This ensures search engines focus on the good stuff, boosting your rankings to the moon.

The Scalability Scalpel: Plus isn't afraid of growth. As your business explodes, Plus expands with you, letting you add more content, products, and marketing magic without slowing down. This constant evolution keeps your SEO strategies fresh and vibrant.

The Customisation Chameleon: Plus isn't one-size-fits-all. It lets you craft custom scripts, apps, and integrations to fine-tune your SEO like a ninja. Need specific keyword targeting? A custom script can handle it. Want fancy rich snippets in search results? An app can make it happen. The possibilities are endless!

By wielding these features like your trusty SEO tools, you can optimise your site structure, make your content sing with relevance, and unleash sophisticated SEO tactics. Trust me, with Plus as your partner, your digital footprint will be so strong, search engines will be begging to index you!

The Role of a Shopify Plus SEO Partner 

Conquering SEO in the Shopify Plus jungle can feel like climbing Mount Everest in flip-flops. But hey, there's a shortcut! Enter the Shopify Plus SEO Partner: your expert sherpa guiding you to search engine glory.

These masters of the platform know Shopify Plus like the back of their hand. They've seen every SEO beast and slayed them all. Partnering with one unlocks a treasure chest of benefits:

  • Deep Dives & Custom Maps: They'll analyse your site like a detective, uncovering SEO weaknesses and crafting a personalised strategy just for you.
  • Advanced Tactics Toolbox: Need schema markup magic? Custom scripts for laser-targeted keywords? They've got the tools and the know-how to make it happen.
  • Shopify Plus Whisperers: They speak the platform's language fluently, understanding its quirks and complexities to avoid any SEO pitfalls.
  • Growth Hacking Gurus: They'll optimise your performance, boost your rankings, and keep you ahead of the ever-changing SEO landscape.

 With a Shopify Plus SEO Partner by your side, you'll navigate the technical terrain with ease, unleash your platform's full potential, and watch your search engine dominance soar. So, ditch the flip-flops, grab a climbing harness, and let these SEO sherpas lead you to the top of Mount Visibility!


Shopify Plus is a beast – powerful, flexible, and full of SEO potential. But like any wild beast, it throws up some interesting challenges. URL inflexibility? Technical quirks? You bet! But fear not, intrepid eCommerce adventurer! Here's your roadmap to taming the SEO beast and unleashing your online domination:

Craft Compelling Content: Keywords, meet juicy descriptions and click-worthy titles. Optimise your pages like a wordsmith and search engines will swoon. Think informative product narratives, not boring boilerplate.

Master Technical Terrain: Robots.txt is your gatekeeper, letting search engines see the good stuff and hiding the not-so-good. Schema markup whispers sweet secrets to search engines, boosting your visibility. Use these tools like a ninja and watch your rankings rise. 

Embrace Customisation: Shopify Plus lets you bend the rules (in a good way!). Custom scripts, apps, and integrations are your tools to fine-tune your SEO like a pro. Need laser-targeted keywords? A script can handle it. Rich snippets on search results? An app makes it happen. The possibilities are endless!

Partner with an SEO Guru: They've tamed the Shopify Plus beast a thousand times before. They'll analyse your site, craft a personalised strategy, and guide you through the technical labyrinth. With their expertise, you'll navigate obstacles with ease and leave SEO pitfalls in the dust.

Remember, conquering SEO isn't a one-shot deal. Stay vigilant, adapt to changes, and keep your strategies sharp. With the right mindset and these tactics in your arsenal, your Shopify Plus store will be an eCommerce empire, attracting legions of loyal customers and leaving your competitors in the digital dust. Now go forth, brave adventurer, and claim your online victory!

How Absolute Design Can Help 

Ready to conquer Shopify Plus SEO and watch your store soar?

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Unlock hidden SEO potential: Ditch technical woes and rigid URL structures – we'll show you how to optimise your site for maximum visibility.

Craft irresistible content: Forget boring product descriptions! We'll help you tell your brand story with keywords that sing and descriptions that convert.

Become a search engine darling: Schema markup, robots.txt mastery, advanced tactics – we'll take your SEO to the next level, leaving competitors in the dust.


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