Stellar Kayaks

We are proud to announce the launch of the new Stellar logo as part of the ongoing evolution of their brand.


A brand refresh for a leading kayak manufacturer on the other side of the pond.

Over the last 12 years Stellar has become the go-to-brand for lightweight, stable, and affordable surf skis and kayaks. It was time to ensure their brand reflected their positioning in the marketplace.

After conducting an in-depth competitor analysis and working closely with the marketing team in America, we presented Stellar with a variety of graphical executions for discussion.

The main challenge was having to consider how the logo was going to work effectively across all platforms and how it would be applied to the Kayaks. We needed to create a graphic that would be cut using as fewer pieces of Vinyl as possible to help with the efficient and cost effective manufacturing/application process Stellar required.

The resulting logo design reflects the professionalism of the business, which when supported by dynamic imagery, delivers the brand identity the client desired.


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