Total Computers

2 January 2016

Responsive web design and a powerful CMS transforms IT solutions company

Responsive web design and a powerful CMS transforms IT solutions company.

The challenge

Based in Northamptonshire, Total Computers provides IT products, solutions and services to medium and large organisations, nationally and internationally. Our challenge was to create a fully responsive website with clear user journeys to ensure customers reach their intended destination when visiting the site. The vast amount of content and services available at Total Computers meant that we had to find an efficient and clear way to display all information available, with distinct iconography and engaging graphics, whilst using a powerful and secure CMS. In order to deliver the client’s needs the website needed a full planning, consultancy wireframing and design process.

What we did

ExpressionEngine is robust, secure and flexible. The CMS platform successfully handles Total Computers’ content rich website data and is flexible enough to allow for engaging and creative web design. With the vast amount of services and content it was vital that we researched information architecture, user experience and the user journey to ensure content is easy to find and the website is easily navigated. The flexible CMS enables admin users to add content to the site for future development. Also there are very few hardcoded elements, meaning that the client admin user can easily and conveniently update areas of the website themselves, without the need of development intervention. The client now has a robust, mobile-ready website with heightened customer navigation.

Total Computers Website



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