We’re making a splash with a major player in the international rowing scene.


A blazingly fast new React based PWA (Progressive Web App) to enhance WinTech Racing’s web presence.



As part of the marketing strategy we’re undertaking for WinTech Racing we were tasked with reviewing their web presence. As a key piece of their marketing, the website needed to enhance performance, accessibility and security while representing the renewed brand vigour and engaging with the global rowing community ahead of the Olympic Games.


A full UX and design process to develop a cutting edge solution.

We worked collaboratively with WinTech Racing to design, develop and populate their new React-based PWA website. Utilising the latest technologies to deliver a rapid, reliable and robust solution that integrated with services such as Google, Instagram, Facebook and Mailchimp.

Our in-house team utilised Gatsby, a React-based framework and integrated this with a headless CMS. Combining Gatsby’s statically generated content approach with a headless CMS, we were able to deliver a cutting edge solution, which leverages the latest technologies while remaining accessible and secure. A key focal point was the ability for users to be able to locate the distributors most relevant to them. To address this we created a bespoke interactive dealers area that showcased WinTech’s distributors around the world.


Photography was a key part of the solution both in terms of showcasing the status of the brand and the site performance.

We made this a central focus for development, which included implementing the automatic generation of images in next-gen formats with fallbacks to older formats. We also included lazy-loading of images to reduce the initial page load and preview images to improve the user experience.

To maximise the accessibility of the solution across a wide range of devices, we developed a PWA. This included benefits, such as: Installable as an app on mobile devices; Installable as an app on desktop and laptops; Offline access; Improved security and Improved performance



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