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Nottingham based Advancis approached Absolute back in 2021 to look at building four new sites for them. Their existing sites had been online for a number of years and were difficult to update and maintain.

While they had the skills in house to produce the site design, helped by some technical input from ourselves, they needed us to build a fully bespoke site that could showcase their product range and also incorporate an education hub, distributor resource centre plus have the ability to place sample orders.

We discussed platforms and it was quickly apparent that Shopify would be the best option; with little to no maintenance and an industry leading CMS system, Shopify also provided the functionality that we required to deliver a quick stable site, that would allow for products and sample ordering, whilst also providing the ability to restrict content to specific customer groups. Shopify is often discounted for sites that don’t take payments, but it’s actually a very good option for many different types of non-transactional sites.



The client needed the site to take sample orders and Shopify was a great fit as the standard eCommerce journey is ideal for capturing the data needed to fulfil this. In fact, since the site has been live, the client has chosen to update the sample process to capture more data and steps - all implemented via a third party app which allows them full control over the process and data points. While this requirement is very specific to the sector and follows their business logic, they still have the standard Shopify checkout and customer shopping journey, should they wish to use this in the future.

Example page:

International & Sub Brand Sites

With Shopify we’ve seamlessly added multiple different stores and also allowed for three different sub brands that utilise the same design. This reduces development time and allows for all of the different sites to benefit from the same underlying theme and time that has been spent on development and testing.

IP location

Detection of a customer's IP address to point them to the correct site depending on their location and language has been built into this project with nol development time.


Developing Shopify sites for language / geographically specific instances is very straightforward. We were also able to provide site translations using a third party integration and thereby automate the translation process in advance of the client reviewing it, with localised teams then tasked with making any specific updates to the translations where needed.

Distributor Resource Centre

The client needed the ability for distributors to be able to access restricted areas to download product assets and specification documents such as PDFs and graphic files. This needed to be password protected and filtered by customer tags/groups. This was easily achieved using Shopify's core customer tagging and a little custom development.

Custom Front End Elements

Alongside the fully custom theme there are a few areas where custom graphics needed to be brought to life, by making them interactive and mobile responsive. Building a fully bespoke theme and front end design on Shopify, means this is easily achieved. Some great examples of this in action can be found here:

The 5 Main Benefits of Manuka Honey - Hexagon Tiles

Manuka Honey Thermometer

Education Hub

With the medical sector having such a varied range of innovative products it was critical for the client to have a site that explained their products and allowed for great SEO and user content. With the industry leading CMS built into the platform this was an ideal choice and something which allows the teams at Advancis to add content at speed while maintaining great brand continuity. Ideal for educating healthcare professionals on what they really need to know about the products they create.

News & FAQs

Some of the more common features you might expect on a site like this have also been covered like a FAQ page and also latest news.


It was a pleasure to work with the client and their team to collaborate and bring their custom designs into reality.

We’ve really enjoyed the process and know that this platform is going to deliver years of stress free leads and activity for the team at Advancis. We’re looking forward to completing and launching the three sub brands later this year.

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