From migrating legacy data and introducing subscription models to enhancing user experience with handwritten gift messages, discover how we delivered a cost-effective, robust solution on Shopify, setting the stage for the brand's growth.

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The home of Gattertop Drinks Co. is a historic farm in Herefordshire. Its orchards have a rich history dating back to 1086, and the location was even mentioned in the Domesday Book.

Gattertop is a family-owned business devoted to the conservation and protection of British orchards. By celebrating the natural ingredients found within them, they produce extraordinary-tasting vodka that's inspired and guided by the changing seasons.


The brief was to replatform the site, keeping the budget in mind, while simultaneously improving the customer experience and reducing the administrative burden.

Gattertop approached us seeking a new website that would support their growth unhindered. Their previous site had become a bottleneck, due to security and performance issues. Together, we evaluated the feasibility of migrating from WordPress to Shopify.

They were in search of a platform that surpassed industry standards without the persistent challenges of maintenance. Shopify, a world-leading SAAS (software as a service) platform, emerged as the perfect choice as budget considerations were paramount.

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Thanks to the impressive range of themes available on Shopify, we crafted a cost-effective yet customer-focused site for them. Additionally, we integrated the customisations they required, ushering their online presence into a new era of growth.

Age Gate

As the site sells products restricted to those over 18, it was crucial to ensure access was limited to this age group. Age gates are not only essential for legal compliance but, more importantly, to shield minors from inappropriate content. We constructed a user-friendly pop-up that requires users to confirm they are over 18.


Given that Gattertop is a consumable product, there was a need to allow customers the option of purchasing on a subscription basis, eliminating the hassle of reordering. This approach has become the industry standard, pivotal to major platforms like Amazon. To facilitate this, we implemented a straightforward Shopify app: However, it's worth noting that subscriptions will soon be integrated into Shopify's core offerings, as per a recent announcement.

Corporate Gifts

Over the last few years, corporate gifting has seen a significant rise, partly driven by the need to show appreciation to employees during the COVID lockdown. We designed a simple form and link to their corporate gift guide.

Klaviyo Integration

Klaviyo was already being used on the legacy site so we installed the Klaviyo Shopify integration and migrated the contact lists over.

Handwritten Message per Order

Since alcoholic gifts are frequently a popular choice for presents, it was essential to offer the option of including handwritten messages with orders. We incorporated the gift messaging feature and ensured this seamlessly integrated with the fulfilment process. This way, the team could easily access and hand write the messages to be added to the orders.

Data Migration

By using a simple plugin for Shopify, we easily exported and imported the legacy data from the previous WordPress site. This ensured that all products, customers, orders, page content, and discount codes were successfully migrated.

SEO Continuity

We also ensured all of the old URLs were redirected correctly to maintain any SEO ranking the old site had. We also made sure GA4 was set up and working correctly.


Throughout the build, we provided comprehensive training to ensure that Gattertop could update and maintain the site independently in the future. This capability is a vital element of any SAAS-based system, like Shopify.


We successfully launched the site in line with the original estimate and without any impact on the overall timeline. The end result is a fantastic site that was cost-effective, and the client is extremely pleased with it. We're excited to see how the brand evolves.

Now that they're on a robust and industry-leading platform, they can concentrate on growing the business without concerns about limitations, security, or maintenance.

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