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Aristoc, Berlei, Pretty Polly, Gossard and Chipmunks are all well established brands, but each has a different story to tell. Having successfully launched three multi-lingual and currency M2 sites for Embody's Austrian sister company, The Huber Group, Absolute were asked to use our technical expertise and strategic capability to design and build their UK brand sites: Aristoc, Berlei, Pretty Polly, Gossard, Chipmunks.

We undertook a comprehensive UI planning phase for each site, then translated these into individual designs concepts for each ‘storefront’ in line with their brand guidelines—all managed within a single M2 instance.

Embody wanted us to help deliver economies of scale and support with the admin of the sites across their marketing teams. We set about creating a uniform navigation structure, supplemented by a series of widgets, that we

designed to enable each site Admin to customise their navigation as required. In addition, all the sites needed to integrate with a Product Information Management (PIM) system in terms of populating content.


Before our solution, the different buying journeys across the brands meant that the incumbent PIM system didn’t allow for a unified and seamless distribution of site content.

The flexibility that M2 offers allowed all content areas to be standardised, whilst still showcasing the strength of each brand as they continue to dominate the marketplace. In addition to streamlining site population for all the Magento storefronts, building upon the successful integration into the existing PIM we had developed for Aristoc, we were also able to standardise the distribution of their products, allowing for greater productivity within the group’s central warehouse.


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