McCabes Pharmacy

12 December 2021

Magento 2 website with new user experience and visual design.

McCabes are harnessing guided selling techniques to deliver on their brand promise.

The Challenge

McCabes have grown over 35 years to be one of Ireland’s leading community pharmacy providers, with a group of 28 outlets across Ireland. Absolute embraced the opportunity to assist McCabes with their website redesign programme.

Advice is the heart of McCabes, and as a family run business they see their customers as extended family who engage with the brand in multiple ways. From healthcare and advice, medicines and prescriptions, to cosmetics and ecommerce.

Due to COVID-19 customers could no longer receive friendly in-store advice. The challenge was to replicate the community experience via the UX journey on the website, combining ecommerce and a complete range of digital pharmacy services online. McCabes were clear that any investment in the website had to ensure a strong return so any design improvements had to be measurable.

What We Did

A key deliverable from our UX exercise involved undertaking a CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) audit on the site, using data driven insight to make informed decisions about where we could provide the most impact. This involved holding stakeholder interviews to gain a full understanding of the relationship between store, digital and customer. Through Google analytics analysis, and customer journey mapping (adapting the Google heart framework to measure customer success) we identified pain points and prioritised new and exciting opportunities. We performed a brand asset analysis to measure how ‘responsive ready’ the logo was, and provided font and colour recommendations.
The next step was to produce a series of wireframes followed by designs covering all key page types at 3 main breakpoints of desktop, tablet and mobile viewports, working to resolve:

  • Website issues currently being faced
  • Remove customer frustrations
  • Optimise the ecommerce experience aligned to McCabes hierarchy of needs
  • Simplify and enhance the user journey with guided selling
  • Interweave expert healthcare advice using the “treat, soothe and prevent” principle

Key highlights of the design stage:

  • Integrating and positioning their “Intelligent Guided Selling” IGS tool, streamlining McCabes digital pharmacy, driving advice and personal recommendations
  • Working with Salesfire to integrate a custom AI powered search experience
  • We have designed a proposed component for checking stock on the product page
  • Custom click and collect integration in basket and checkout
  • Custom store locator experience
  • Prioritised backlog for a continuous improvement cycle

McCabes Website



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