is a Magento website that represents the largest community of amateur artists in the UK

The Challenge

The site includes a blog, forum, magazine, competitions, local clubs, videos and exhibitions - and a large shop, with complex member-only discounting and categorisation.

A particular challenge facing SAA was the performance of the site. With a complex and highly populated catalogue, content-heavy pages, and many extensions to core functionality, it was imperative that the new build should feel a step up from the previous site, and to match or better their competitors. We achieved the desired page speeds using a full page caching solution, a content delivery network, and optimisations to Magento’s indexes. Consequently the site performed well over Black Friday weekend with none of the outages so often linked to the promotion.

What we did

SAA are able to manage their single site from a single Magento admin area. We also integrated with their bespoke CRM, sending and receiving data such as stock updates, customer and order details, and discount codes. SAA operate a comprehensive loyalty points system and complex overseas shipping rules, both of which are populated via the integration.

Supporting the build we carried out a comprehensive SEO continuity exercise for the 50,000+ URLs indexed from the previous site.

SAA Website

We are shortly planning the launch of two further storefronts based on the same Magento installation – a B2B version and a shop targeted at a discrete market sector.

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