Using AngularJS to create a leading foreign exchange transfer service.

AngularJS Single Page Application for SettlePay

The challenge

Whites Group creates innovative products and services, designed to revolutionise how businesses manage their finances. SettlePay, their latest product, empowers businesses and individuals so they can take charge of their foreign exchange transactions and secure the best deals.

It was our job to provide frontend development to integrate with and help shape the API they were building. The SettlePay product needed to operate fast and work across different devices and resolutions in order to exceed the level of their competition. It was time to put our technical heads together...

What we did

We used the latest technologies to create their foreign exchange transfer service, using HTML5 and CSS3. We chose AngularJS as it allowed us to develop a fast Single Page Application, which can quickly retrieve the latest information to produce audits and quotes on demand. The website is responsive, enabling the SettlePay product to be accessed on-the-go. The data-driven application integrated seamlessly with their bespoke API, creating an efficient, fast product, unique to Whites Group.



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