Absolute Design and Daymark - Pioneering Sustainable eCommerce

11 October 2023

Absolute Design are proud to announce that we were winners of the Best Sustainability Initiative and finalists for best eCommerce support business at this year eCommerce Expo.

In a world increasingly conscious of its environmental impact, businesses are seeking new ways to incorporate sustainability.


Absolute Design is leading the charge in this arena, in collaboration with Daymark. We have joined forces in an award-winning endeavour to champion eco-conscious eCommerce.


Who are Daymark?


For nearly half a century, Daymark has been at the forefront of the self-adhesive label industry, creating high-quality product labels and stickers. Their dedication to eco-friendliness led to the creation of the Labels Online Magento 2 site, crafted with expertise from the team at Absolute Design. Right from its inception, there was a clear mandate: every aspect of the project must breathe sustainability.


Absolute’s Green Blueprint


The initiative extended beyond simply selling environmentally friendly products. It was essential for the infrastructure, right down to the internal operations, to be ecologically sound. To this end, we recommended ANS as the hosting provider, celebrated for their 100% carbon-neutral offices, data centres, and hosting solutions.


We have also carefully considered our own carbon footprint. With a monthly in-person office attendance policy and a majority remote working model, we’ve drastically reduced our carbon footprint. Moreover, our commitment to ANS's carbon-neutral hosting and a firm no-paper policy underscore our dedication to the environment.


A Synergy of Environmental Policies


Daymark and Absolute are two entities bound by a common ethos: a profound respect for our environment. Working together ensures eco-consciousness is not an afterthought, but a primary concern with the aim to protect our world, reduce waste at the source, optimise resources, and always seek out better, greener methods. This joint mission is beautifully encapsulated in a statement by J M Bird, Managing Director of Daymark Ltd:


“Environmental protection forms an integral and essential part of our corporate responsibility. We aim to monitor and control the environmental impact of the company’s manufacturing processes as far as technically possible and economically feasible. Environmental Protection Programmes, based on the principal of continuous improvement, are in place throughout the company.”


A Sustainable eCommerce Revolution


The aftermath of COVID-19 saw a palpable shift in consumer attitudes towards sustainability. Recognising this, Daymark introduced Eco Labels, a brand exclusively for eco-friendly labels and stickers. Thanks to Magento's adaptability and Absolute Design’s proficiency, we swiftly brought this vision to life.


Daymark introduced a range of sustainable product labels, each with its unique eco-friendly feature:


Plant-based labels: Created from sugar cane ethanol, these labels not only reduce fossil fuel reliance but are also certified under the Bonsucro scheme.


Recyclable product labels: Embracing the circular economy, these labels are crafted from up to 100% recycled post-consumer waste.


Sustainably sourced labels: Daymark ensures that all their paper materials are ethically sourced, bearing certifications from the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC).


Biodegradable & Compostable labels: With bans on single-use plastics looming, these labels, primarily used in the food and coffee industries, are a beacon for sustainable packaging.


More Than Just Labels


Daymark’s commitment transcends products. Investments in energy-efficient production techniques, LED lighting, and 100% renewable electricity speak volumes of their dedication. Moreover, all their production waste is recycled, ensuring zero landfill impact.


Awards and Certifications


Daymark’s eco products proudly display certifications like the OK Compost certificate, FSC approval, Bonsucro scheme endorsement, and many more. These not only testify to their quality but also their environmental commitment.


Feedback Speaks Volumes


Jon J Bird, Sales Manager at Labels Online, effusively praises the collaboration:


"From initial concept to live website, Absolute understood our brief and designed and built a market leading website for our business. Absolute's expertise on the Magento platform has ensured that the potential for our brands is endless"




The collaboration between Absolute Design and Daymark is a testament to what businesses can achieve when sustainability is at their core. Our joint venture not only sets a gold standard for environmentally friendly eCommerce but also paves the way for a greener future.



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