Absolute have been recognised as a Magento Business Solution Partner

9 December 2019

We are are delighted to announce that we have been appointed as a Magento Business Solution Partner, making us one of only 43 approved partner agencies with offices in the UK.

Becoming a Magento Business Solution Partner means we have been recognised by Magento as an agency that’s focused on using this open source platform as our preferred choice for eCommerce clients. As well as this, it means that we’re trusted as an agency for servicing existing Magento clients, and that we now work directly with Magento with regard to support.

This is a huge achievement for us, having specialised in developing Magento eCommerce websites since 2010. We chose to use Magento as our preferred eCommerce platform because of it’s flexibility in terms of design/front-end, it’s wide developer community, availability of modules and ability to be customised to clients' requirements and integrations.

We achieved Magento Business Solution Partner as result of an ongoing strategic direction, plus a great deal of hard work by our certified development team, and the success we have realised for our clients.

Why you should choose to work with a Magento Business Solution partner

There are many services you’d only call upon a trained professional for. For example, a certified accountant or qualified solicitor. The same should apply when considering the security and build quality of an ecommerce website.

The ecommerce world has ever tightening regulations around security compliance, the increased threat of cyber attack and stricter quality guidelines from search engines. With this in mind, it’s more important than ever to only trust an experienced agency, recognised by the industry, to develop and support your ecommerce website. Furthermore, having direct access to support from Magento also validates an agency’s current development standards.

Being a Magento Business Solution Partner means we are...

  • 1) Up to date with latest Magento knowledge and trends
  • 2) Trained and certified in all relevant areas of Magento
  • 3) Focused on systems integration
  • 4) In direct contact with Magento and their technical support
  • 5) Able to access new Magento software early
  • Able to support Magento development for the future.

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