Brompton Bike Hire - Partner API & App Updates

9 April 2021

As part of our ongoing relationship with Brompton Bike Hire, we continue to significantly improve their website and app.

As part of our ongoing relationship with Brompton Bike Hire, we continue to significantly improve their website and app. Recent developments in the last 12 months include improvements to their partner API, and updates to their app which users rely on to reserve and hire bikes from over 50 docks across the UK.

Integrating with the Brompton Bike Hire network - Partner API

Brompton Bike Hire wanted to allow their partners (and partner apps) to integrate directly with the Brompton Bike Hire network. To achieve this they required a standardised API and Absolute introduced the following functionality:

  • 1) Allow multiple partners to connect
  • 2) Provide a list of available docks users can hire/return bikes to
  • 3) Allow members of the partner network to create a reservation to hire a bike
  • 4) Update the partners’ application directly via hooks

To support Brompton Bike Hire partners, the new API follows OpenAPI Specification Guidelines which provides a clear, tested and easy to understand format. Should a partner have any queries, Absolute are on hand to help.

QR codes, Blog and Redemptions - App Updates

Improved Security through QR Codes.

As part of a scope of work to improve security, Brompton Bike Hire asked Absolute to build a QR code scanner directly into their current app. Users use the scanner to scan a QR code on bike docks when checking-out their bike. This has multiple benefits:

  • 1) Q1R code data provides additional layers of security
  • 2) Users are required to use the device they made the reservation on at the dock

There is also the added benefit of simplifying the hiring process, as the user will no longer have to type in a key code to gain access to a bay, in order to rent or return a bike. They can easily scan the QR code and the door will open automatically.

In-App Blog Content

Brompton Bike Hire has a vast library of news articles on their website. In order to offer additional value to app-only users, Absolute was approached to add a news section onto their app. News stories needed to automatically be pulled from the website into a dedicated area of the app.

After developing the functionality, members can now keep up to date with the latest Brompton Bike Hire news on the go. Blog content is pulled directly from the website’s CMS via a new API and displayed directly on the app’s dashboard.

Redeem Promotional Codes

In order to offer rewards to new and existing users, Absolute are developing the functionality for members to redeem and share promotional codes for free hire days directly in the app. This requires adding the functionality for admins to create promotional codes in the website’s admin panel, then updating the app to allow users to enter these codes. Members’ accounts are then updated accordingly.

In summary

Absolute are proud to be a longstanding development partner for Brompton Bike Hire. We have developed a bespoke website and app which integrates with their network of bike hire docks across the UK. We also support Brompton Bike Hire on an ongoing basis as their business model adapts and customer base grows.

Learn more about their app and website here.



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