Lights, camera, induction!

28 November 2017

Behind the scenes...

What better way to spend my first day than to immerse myself in a 'behind the scenes' video shoot at Absolute, showcasing the fantastic talent of the team and providing a snapshot into studio life.

Video as a medium is becoming an increasingly relevant and useful marketing tool to capture people's attention, and deliver compelling and engaging messages to your audiences.

The team have been working with Nottingham-based video production company VPoint for more than a decade and have already built up a great relationship after doing branding work for them a number of years ago.

The VPoint team were commissioned to produce our promotional video which will be used on the forthcoming Absolute website (coming soon!) as well as across social media. VPoint have spent a number of days in the office really getting a feel for what the team do here and we all look forward to the finished edit.

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