Use a diagnostic tool during Magento development

15 January 2016

Commercebug is the perfect development and debugging extension for the Magento platform. If you're a developer or designer, the extension will aid you in programming and configuring in the popular and diverse ecommerce platform.

The extension gives you direct access to lots of useful developer information, such as which templates are being rendered, how the layout xml is being called, which models and collections are being loaded and how many times they are being loaded - which is really useful for wrangling performance issues.

Commercebug can be found here.

For just $49.95, Commercebug provides vital information in a time-sensitive and complex industry, keeping your client happy. Commercebug claims to save you hours every day, giving you instant access to:

  • The request’s controller and action name
  • Each instantiated model
  • A list of each Block and phtml template pair
  • The file system path for each identified class
  • All layout handles in use on a particular page
  • Events and observers
  • Grouped class name look-up
  • Cache clearing
  • Template path hints
  • Log enabling.

    • Our Nottingham Magento developers’ favourite diagnostic tool is Commercebug. We hope you find it as helpful as we do!



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