Magento Technical Audit


Whether you’re experiencing issues with your site or not, a Technical Audit is a wise strategic decision to take, in order to completely understand just how well your website's working and have the confidence in its performance.

Have you been experiencing any of these issues with your current site?

  • Poor performance- frontend or admin
  • Crashes and downtime
  • Missing functionality
  • Complex data setup
  • Customer experience complaints
  • Customer payment issues
  • • Redirect problems
  • Caching issues
  • Indexing errors
  • Checkout issues

If you recognise any of these issues, book an audit with us to identify a solution to resolve the error. Please fill in the form opposite to take the first steps in organising your audit.

Once we’ve carried out your audit, we’ll provide you with a detailed report covering:

  • Safety and security
  • Standards and best practices
  • Performance and scalability
  • Implementation and logic
  • Upgrade potential for Magento core and 3rd party modules

Our approach considers the commercial day-to-day operational aspects of your store, and we’ll only recommend the work that will best enhance your site and business. Your Technical Audit will be carried out by a Magento certified senior developer and will take in the region of 4-12 hours to complete, depending on the scale of your site.


Let's discuss the next steps for your new project!


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