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Transformulas social media
Key Results
Web Traffic Up
Email Sales Up
Social Engagement

A Magento 2 website for the beauty sector, looking to boost sales through digital marketing.

Compelling content for social media engagement and the use of email marketing to drive positive ROI and brand awareness.

The Challenge

Transformulas are a leading cosmetic brand, specialising in groundbreaking anti-ageing treatments that are proven to offer a safe alternative to surgery, whilst offering comparable results.

Transformulas successfully trade internationally, with their biggest sales channel being a number of international airlines.  Transformulas approached Absolute to support their Magento 2 website, but also to benefit from our e-commerce consultancy. With a large market in aviation, they wanted to significantly increase sales through their ecommerce store, by exploring untapped digital channels.

What we did

Intelligent Email marketing

Absolute supported Transformulas quarterly sales event plan by setting up eye catching email templates using a collaborative approach between key stakeholders.  This involved developing a template and email campaigns based on data-driven insight for the brand to move forward with.

We scheduled and produced timely emails segmented by audience. These were designed to convert into sales, with carefully crafted copy targeted at the end user demographic and optimised to achieve positive open and click through rates. This was synchronised with a demanding event plan where the ability to turn around campaigns in a short period of time was of utmost importance.

Furthermore, using an ESP integrated with Transformulas Magento 2 store, we embraced the rich feature set of Mailchimp to set up successful email automation campaigns.  These kept customers engaged with the brand, and allowed customers to continue benefiting from the great products Transformulas have to offer.

Social media

To increase awareness of the Transformulas brand through other unexplored channels, Absolute were tasked to provide support in creating compelling organic and paid-for content for Facebook and Instagram.

Again, whilst adhering to a continually evolving event plan, we produced eye catching static and animated posts to support Transformulas wider campaign strategy.  To really demonstrate the results behind their best selling products, our creative received great results in terms of organic engagement, whilst paid-for campaigns managed by Absolute also achieved an impressive cost per acquisition.

Transfomulas benefited from a pay per click campaign tailored at featuring their expanding product range whilst increasing new users to their website.

We embraced the power of Google Shopping Feed to showcase the Transformulas brand and achieve position 1 for optimum exposure.  Managed PPC campaigns considered the end user with scheduled ads, curated to attract Transformulas key demographic. In-depth keyword research also allowed us to target relevant customers to the website using the right key phrases.

UX audits
Prior to launching our digital campaign with Transformulas, Absolute performed an in depth UX audit of the site we inherited.  With the aim of improving ease of finding and providing clearer information architecture, we implemented significant improvements to the navigation, homepage and improved consistency of CTAs, roundels and text throughout the site.  Overall, this allowed users to find products more easily.  Rationalising logo usage throughout also added strength to the brand essence.

New categories based on ‘wants and needs’ were also introduced which improved technical SEO issues and also increased visibility in search.


During the campaign period, sales from email increased dramatically to contribute 73% of total web sales.  Pay per click also contributed an almost 40% increase of new users to the site.

Total web traffic increased by 608% compared to the previous period.  Whilst average engagement rate per post on the Transformulas Facebook page increased by 60%, with an average increased reach of 37%.

Overall, Transformulas saw a 34% increase in revenue compared to the same period last year.


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