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We have recently been working with Hireforce, who approached us looking to build a new informative website for their on-site construction welfare units.

A brand new non-transactional website advertising welfare units by Hireforce, a company which offers equipment hire for a wide range of industries from construction and leisure to public sector.

We were approached by Hireforce, who are an established equipment hire company, to build a brand new site detailing their latest offerings. The website needed to be concise and easy to navigate, with bold colours and making use of large high quality images so potential customers can get a feel of their product range at a glance.

As Hireforce caters for B2B clientele, the new website needed to display product information and technical information without pricing or the shopping cart being visible.

Having been provided brand guidelines, Absolute set out to design a website around their assets, making the images the focal point - ensuring customers know exactly what Hireforce offers and the choices available. We also assisted on the decision for a platform which could allow for expansion as and when necessary, all at a reasonable cost.

We recommended Shopify as the platform of choice due to its low development cost and potential for future transformation into a transactional website. By future-proofing the website and prioritising scalability from the beginning, Hireforce can potentially avoid higher development costs in the future.

At the same time, Shopify also proved to be the ideal solution due to its intuitive and simple content management system which makes creating and managing rich content pages simple for the client. We migrated the client from Wix as the former platform failed to meet their evolving requirements, underscoring the necessity for a more robust and professional platform that was easy to use.

Another major advantage of Shopify is the ability to easily clone the website, re-brand and roll out new sites in the future. This means the client will be able to maintain a consistent style across all their websites, providing a familiar user experience and helping to increase brand engagement.

Understanding the importance of SEO for Hireforce, we included a consultancy phase to conduct an SEO audit and perform a high level competitor analysis. This helped define their organic content strategy. In addition, we allocated time to assist in setting up a Pay-Per-Click/Google AdWords campaign, and creating a Google Analytics account for the site, thereby ensuring the client has all the necessary tools for a successful website launch.


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