Absolute release Magento Ninja 2 PWA

23 September 2018

We’re excited to present our latest research and development project, Magento Ninja 2 - The Migration. Stepping back in time with a retro 80s arcade design and soundtrack, Magento Ninja 2 is an interactive quiz that combines certification and migration topics for Magento 2.

As Magento Solution Partners, we’re constantly investing in our Magento development, with members of our team recently achieving Magento 2 Solution Specialist and Professional Front End Developer certifications. With this inmind and Magento offically annoucing the end of life for Magento 1, we decided to recreate the Magento Ninja with 10 new questions focusing on topics from Magento’s latest Solution Specialist, Professional Developer and Professional Front End Developer certifications.

Will you dishonour your clan or achieve eternal glory as a Grand master Magento ninja? Play now and take the Magento Ninja 2 quiz.


We’re proud to present the Magento Ninja as a PWA (Progressive Web App), scoring 100% on Google's Lighthouse. We used some of the latest technologies including VueJS and GSAP’s TweenMax library. The aim was to deliver a seamless solution that was fast and accessible across devices, so our technology stack and approach was important from the outset.

Progressive Web Apps deliver an app-like experience by utilising modern web capabilities, this can include features such as offline availability, push notifications and full screen viewing. Magento recently announced PWA Studio, their suite of tools for building online stores with an app-like experience. With Magento development being one of Absolute’s core services, and Magento announcing their investment in this area, we decided to utilise the benefits of PWA in the development of our Magento Ninja quiz.

Case studies show investment in PWAs within the ecommerce sector have lead to reductions in bounce rate and a significant increase in mobile conversions. Absolute are focused on providing the best solution for our clients and will be offering PWA solutions in the future. For more information please get in touch.



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