Black Friday success for our Magento clients

1 December 2015

Magento is our chosen platform for ecommerce websites and is perfect for big retail events, such as Black Friday. The robust and flexible platform has the ability to handle thousands of products and its available features serve a variety of clients, large and small.

In 2014 we built a cost-effective Magento store for a leading East Midlands B2C technology company. They made a real success of Black Friday, and over the hectic weekend their Magento store handled over 1600 orders, totalling more than £1.6m in sales.

As well as the capacity to handle thousands of products and multiple orders, Magento allows for custom functionality. An existing client of ours who specialise in outdoor wear and equipment, wanted to run a special Black Friday promotion within their Magento store, allowing for their sales stock to automatically start and stop. Our Magento certified developers custom-wrote the promotion, which ran remotely, automatically triggering appropriate homepage banners for the period of the sale, without the client needing to be on-hand to change the admin settings. Active stock monitoring ensured they didn't sell items that were out of stock. Once Black Friday ended, their homepage set back to their standard banner.

Black Friday is arguably America's biggest export, and takes place on the first Friday after Thanksgiving. In recent years, UK retailers haven't been fully prepared for Black Friday, resulting in potentially thousands of pounds in lost revenue. With the event firmly in UK calendars, retailers have to ensure they are prepared for a heavy surge of website traffic.



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