News update from Meet Magento UK 2022

2 December 2022

Time to upgrade to Magento 2.4

Despite the train and tube strikes we were able to attend Meet Magento UK on 21st June and pick up some interesting news:

    • MACH (microservices / API first / cloud native / headless) and Composable Commerce (multi vendor framework vs single platform) are the future: Composable is good but Modular is better. Key benefits are; flexibility, extentenability, faster, time to market, lower TCO

  • Micro services - Adobe are moving lots of features over to microservices to slim down the Magento core and make things quicker. This will see a move away from functionality provided by the core Magento installation, towards provision of services via a subscription model e.g. AI Search and Product Recommendations, plus the actual product catalogue (meaning this will be able to cope with larger SKU volumes)

    Key features of microservices:
    > Rapid development, deployment and releases
    > Flexible scaling of services
    > Reduces total cost of ownership (TCO)
    > Seamless combining different services

    • Big clients in the US are driving lots of innovation which will trickle down to the Adobe Commerce product. Adobe mentioned a renewed confidence in the platform to compete with the ‘big players’, now they’ve got massive clients such as Wallmart.

  • 2022 / 2023 will be a big push on headless, use Adobe backend and ideally serve frontend on AEM (Adobe Experience Manager). Adobe mentioned this is the ‘Year of Mobile’ = emphasis on good UX
    • Commitment to maintenance of open source

  • 2.4.5 release date = November 2022

Adobe industry research:

Most popular online sectors are:
> 83% = Clothing / Shoes
> 69% = Beauty & Health Care
> 49% = Sporting / Outdoor Goods
> 48% = Furniture / Home furnishing 41% = DIY / Garden products
> Sample size 9564 / 13 countries

How much choice do shoppers want: (ability to see all options)
Customers are prioritising delivery over payment method when engaging with a new and or existing brand:

> 70% = Delivery or pick up
> 69% = Product offering
> 68% = Payment methods
> 56% = Communication channels

Creating empathy
> 75% say retailers could be doing more to deliver experiences that show high levels of empathy with customers needs

I am most mindful about…
> 20% = Money and whether something is the best price and good value
> 49% = Time Driven
> 18% = Values and whether a retailer is ‘good’ and aligns with things that are important to me
> 14% = Identity driven (customer identity / customer persona)

Values-driven consumerism
> 58% of consumers are more likely to switch or stop using a brand if what they do or say goes against values that are important to them
> 43% said that the most popular type of brand that would be sought out by customers is sustainable and or/ environmentally one

Is your brand good?
> 43% would actively support brands are environmentally responsible
> 38% would support those that prioritise employee welfare
> 37% would support brands that are financially trustworthy (e.g that they pay taxes)



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