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05 Feb 2024

Understanding the New Gmail and Yahoo DMARC Requirements: A Guide for Beginners

This article provides a clear and comprehensive understanding of the new DMARC requirements for Gmail and Yahoo for beginners. It covers the essential aspects of DMARC, its importance, and practical steps fo...


01 Feb 2024

A few of our favourite things from Shopify Editions Winter 2024

No raindrops on roses, but loads of interesting stuff was announced yesterday during Shopify’s latest Editions reveal. There really was a lot there, but we’ll just go through a few of our favourites. Subscr...


22 Nov 2023

Google Acknowledges Reporting Bug in Search Console Affecting Key Metrics

Google has recently acknowledged a reporting bug in Google Search Console that impacts key metrics, including core web vitals, mobile usability, HTTPS, AMP, and more. This bug also affects eCommerce-specific...


15 May 2023

Here’s why you still should still include print collateral in your marketing strategy.

Combining digital and print allows you to break through the digital noise, engage your audience effectively, and achieve improved business results.


25 Apr 2023

GA4 countdown has begun, only a few weeks to go...

Universal Analytics is set to reach end of life as of the 1st July 2023, meaning if you have not swapped over to the latest GA4 property yet, you could be losing historical analytic data as well as having th...


27 Mar 2023

Shopify redirects

The previous Absolute site was on an old Expression Engine system that was increasingly showing its age and was difficult to manage content - especially compared to the newer platforms we were building for o...


17 Feb 2023

Planning a new ‘brochure’ Shopify website

During the past few months we’ve taken on the significant task of fully redesigning and replatforming our website. It was important to use a platform that made regular updates an easy and user-friendly proce...


16 Jan 2023

Is Shopify suitable for B2B?

Shopify is a brilliant solution for smaller businesses, proof of concepts, or brand launches, but how good is it for business-to-business websites?


26 Nov 2022

Top 10 apps for improving your Shopify site

Shopify has a lot of impressive built-in features right from the start, spanning performance, content, and payment options.


28 Jan 2022

Performance Optimisation for Shopify

Performance Optimisation for Shopify - What? Why?


03 Aug 2021

A great platform to start, grow and maintain a thriving online business

Shopify is a great platform to start, grow and maintain a thriving online business. It's the perfect balance of simplicity and complexity. The day-to-day running of your site is as simple and intuitive as it...


24 Apr 2017

Magento or Shopify – which is the best platform to sell online?

Choosing the right online store platform is incredibly important. But what should you take into consideration when searching for the best option for your business?



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