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05 Feb 2024

Understanding the New Gmail and Yahoo DMARC Requirements: A Guide for Beginners

This article provides a clear and comprehensive understanding of the new DMARC requirements for Gmail and Yahoo for beginners. It covers the essential aspects of DMARC, its importance, and practical steps fo...


22 Nov 2023

Google Acknowledges Reporting Bug in Search Console Affecting Key Metrics

Google has recently acknowledged a reporting bug in Google Search Console that impacts key metrics, including core web vitals, mobile usability, HTTPS, AMP, and more. This bug also affects eCommerce-specific...


24 Oct 2023

Auto Deploy to Production Environments

As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing our support services, we're thrilled to have recently introduced automated deployment to our clients' production environments. This offers a host of benefits, f...


22 Sep 2023

Leveraging customer feedback for eCommerce success

Understanding customers is a fundamental aspect of eCommerce success. For eCommerce business owners and digital marketers, customer feedback is not just a measure of satisfaction, but a critical resource for...


18 Aug 2023

Unleash Magento's power - custom dashboards driven by data and insights

Magento is a leading eCommerce platform known for its flexibility and versatility. A critical feature of this platform is its dashboard, providing a snapshot of your store's performance. However, to tap into...


06 Jul 2023

eCommerce Awards 2023

Absolute enter two prestigious awards at the 2023 eCommerce Awards.


23 Jun 2023

Payment Gateways - our review of Magento’s best offerings

We understand the importance of choosing the right payment provider for your Magento 2 store. A seamless, secure, and efficient payment process is essential to maximise conversions and provide an excellent s...


02 May 2023

Looking to connect your Magento 2 eCommerce site to your business’ social media accounts?

Using a module to connect your Adobe Commerce (Magento 2) website to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest can streamline the process and make it easier for businesses to set up tracking and analytics.   Some o...


02 May 2023

If you’ve got a Magento 2 site, it’s time to discover the benefits of a performance audit...

Performance is a key metric for improving SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and conversions. It's an ongoing process and needs to be tailored to the specific goals of an individual website. There are many met...


25 Apr 2023

GA4 countdown has begun, only a few weeks to go...

Universal Analytics is set to reach end of life as of the 1st July 2023, meaning if you have not swapped over to the latest GA4 property yet, you could be losing historical analytic data as well as having th...


13 Apr 2023

Reasons to choose Absolute as your support partner

Firstly, it's important to have a team of knowledgeable and empathetic support staff who are dedicated to resolving customer issues quickly and efficiently.


28 Mar 2023

Magento 1 eCommerce websites are not PCI compliant - what does this mean for merchants?

If you’re still using Magento 1, we have some bad news. Your website is not PCI compliant. 


08 Feb 2023

Google Analytics 4 - why upgrade now?

This means you will not be able to process any new analytics data unless you switch to the latest GA4 property in your Magento or Shopify store. GA4 has been chosen by Google as its long term measurement sol...


16 Jan 2023

New Year's Resolution - Improve your Magento site performance

With an increasing specialisation required to support Magento 2 sites, are you finding your existing agency is struggling to meet your support expectations?


30 Nov 2022

Adobe Commerce Partner Enablement Webinar for 2.4.4

Some insights from our Adobe Commerce Partner Enablement webinar that may be interesting to M2 Admins.


24 Nov 2022

Applications and modules for improvements

As part of an ongoing series of support focused bulletins, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 modules for improving your M2 site.


22 Nov 2022

Adobe Commerce vs Open Source Cost Analysis

For many businesses, it’s been hard to see the differences and merit between Adobe Commerce and its open-source sister, both formerly named Magento.


20 Nov 2022

Urgent Adobe Security Patches 13th & 17th February

Adobe released two emergency patches on the 13th and 17th February to resolve a critical vulnerability in Magento 2.


28 Jan 2022

Magento 2.4 Page Builder

Magento store owners have been crying out for a method to add content to their sites in a more accessible and intuitive fashion for some time. 


25 Jan 2022

Supporting your online performance in 2022

How we can help you support your Magento website.


11 Jan 2022

Magento 1 merchants need to stay PCI compliant

There are now just 30 days remaining until support for Magento 1 stops at the end of June 2020. From this date, because security patches will no longer be issued by Magento, this means your M1 site will not ...


07 Dec 2021

Turbo charge your site with a Magento Performance Audit

Magento Performance Audit


11 Mar 2021

Does your M2 site need support?

Whether you’re migrating from another platform or you’ve had your Magento 2 store built from scratch, the length of an M2 project from conception to launch can be a long and complex one.  Just some of the in...


30 Apr 2020

It’s not too late to move to M2 and stay PCI compliant

As you are no doubt aware Support for Magento 1 stops on 30th June 2020. There is still time to migrate to M2 and remain PCI compliant.



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