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Key Results
Mobile revenue UP

Magento 2 storefront with bespoke design and Exact integration

Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and a rebrand of the online exercise equipment retailer.

The challenge

Again Faster specialise in the retail of professional fitness equipment online. They approached Absolute with a requirement to improve their processes and migrate their multi currency/language website from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Again Faster also needed to reduce the administration costs associated with bulk order enquiries and required an integration with their new accounts solution - Exact. In addition, there was a requirement to improve Google Shopping and Facebook feeds, which are key channels for the client.

What we did

Absolute provided bespoke planning and design of the Again Faster website to help refresh the brand and support their website on a new Magento build.

With this project, we’re proud to have built the first Magento 2 website in the UK to integrate with Exact. We also integrated with Cart2Quote which allows for the provision of bulk orders - a popular method of purchasing for Again Faster customers.

Absolute provided a schedule of training to help the client with the configuration of package deals.  Previously, these were displaying in the Google Shopping feed at and un-built price of £0. Through correct configuration of the website and training of relevant stakeholders, Again Faster are now able to configure their package details with a ‘from price’.

Again Faster benefited from having a frictionless order process that reduced the amount of resource required to fulfil orders. Furthermore, they’re able to continue trading internationally whilst being on a more secure, feature-rich and future-proofed version of Magento.

With many channels bringing customers into the site, the Again Faster team can trust their ecommerce store to populate their Google Shopping and social media feeds without the need of human input, whilst reducing the risk of human error.

Key Stats

  • Revenue on Desktop - up 27%
  • Conversion rate on Desktop - up 34.4%
  • Mobile revenue up - 112%
  • Conversion rate on Mobile - up 68%
  • Average Order Value - up 20%