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Realigning Greenwood Academies brand across multiple academies.

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Overseeing the entire design and print production of eight 80 page college prospectuses.

Greenwood Academies is a trust that consists of 37 academies serving many varied communities across the East Midlands, stretching from Mansfield in the north to Northampton in the south, from Leicester in the west to Skegness in the east.

Greenwood Academies wanted to bring unity to their academies. However, before working with Absolute, their brand had become misaligned and was inconsistent. The academy lacked overarching brand guidelines for individual academies to follow, resulting in each academy interpreting the brand in their own way. Each academy had its own vision, leading to a disjointed brand presence across all their sites. Every year, they produce an 80-page prospectus for their sixth form academies.

Given the complexity of managing large multi-page documents, Greenwood Academies needed to partner with a graphic design agency capable of unifying their brand and overseeing the entire design to print process.

Initially, we created a new, vibrant, and engaging brand style for their prospectuses that reflected the vision of all their academies.

Once established, we reviewed the prospectuses themselves. The challenge with any multi-page brochure is presenting copy-heavy pages in a visually engaging yet digestible manner for the reader. We worked collaboratively with their Head of Marketing to compile all course content and successfully rolled out eight 80-page brochures within two months. In addition, rather than using stock imagery, we conducted onsite photoshoots at each academy. This approach endowed each prospectus with a unique personal touch, while maintaining a consistent look and feel across all academies.

We collaboratively worked with their Head of Marketing to gather all the course content together and successfully rolled out eight 80-page brochures over two months. In addition, instead of using stock imagery, we conducted onsite photoshoots at each academy. This gave each prospectus its own personal touch that was unique to each academy, but kept the same overall look and feel of all the other academies.

Absolute has over 25 years of experience in the design and print production of large multi-page brochures. We have an in-house FOGRA-certified proofer, calibrated to match leading print suppliers' print profiles, ensuring accurate colour reproduction on press. If you need to partner with an agency experienced in delivering multi-page brochures from start to finish, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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