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By consistently refining and optimising their dynamic workspace, Total Computers can ensure that it continues to serve as a key element in delivering a cohesive and immersive brand experience for both employees and visitors.

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Founded in 2003, Total Computers are a computer solutions company that not only delivers IT products, they also develop long-term strategic partnerships for managed services, infrastructure and cyber security.


Total Computers moved into new offices to help out with their ongoing growth. With this, came a blank canvas for creativity. Having gained a long lasting partnership with Total they came to us to help bring their new offices to life. From boardrooms to server rooms, breakout rooms to eating rooms, they wanted to develop an office interior that caters to the day to day needs of employees and visitors.


We approached the task with the goal of not only enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the workspace but also fostering a dynamic and inspiring environment for the occupants. Through collaboration with the client, we curated a collection of graphics that reflected the company’s ethos, values, and brand identity. We designed full wall vinyls, signage and even smaller wall stickers. The wall vinyls seamlessly integrated into the architecture, transforming bland surfaces into engaging visual narratives that encapsulated the company’s story.

Bold colour palettes and geometric shapes from the brand guidelines and brand identity were used to stimulate creativity and evoke a sense of innovation. The result is an office space that not only speaks to the brand’s essence but also fosters a vibrant and motivating atmosphere for its employees, ensuring a visually stimulating and inspiring work environment.


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