Daymark Labels

Undertaking a rebranding project for Daymark Labels was an exciting opportunity to help elevate their brand and strengthen their online presence in the label manufacturing industry.


Label manufacturer makes its mark.

Daymark has specialised in printing and manufacturing premium bespoke labels for renowned global brands for over 45 years. Having already successfully rebranded two of its sister companies; Labels Online and Eco Labels, it was now time to shift their focus and rebrand Daymark itself.

The purpose of the rebrand was to ensure that their brand identity became in sync with their products and the exceptional premium service they offer. Daymark wanted to take a fresh perspective, move away from the norm to firmly differentiate themselves from other label manufacturers.


It was time to put Daymark at the head of the table. Daymark needed a modern brand and visual identity which placed them as the go-to brand for companies wanting the very best when it comes to premium bespoke printed labels.

Throughout the rebranding process, our team took into account Daymark's unique qualities and service offerings. By understanding their company's values and goals, Absolute successfully crafted a brand identity which aligned with Daymark's vision to firmly help set the company apart from its competition.

Having presented numerous options for consideration, it was a unanimous choice which would be the preferred option, Daymark's new brand not only represents its own unique identity but it also aligns harmoniously with its sister companies, Labels Online and Eco Labels.

As Daymark continues to thrive, the positive impact of the rebrand has helped contribute to Daymark’s continued success.

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