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Helping WinTech Racing get in front of their competition with large multi-page brochures, regatta flyers and interactive PDF's.

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WinTech are a multi-national racing rowing boat company providing elite boats for over 1200 of the worlds most successful teams and clubs from across the globe.



In the digital age, where information is abundant and attention spans are fleeting, WinTech needed a series of well-designed brochures and interactive PDFs to help communicate their brand story, products, and services. Having worked on their initial rebrand and website, it was an easy decision for WinTech to acquire our help, to maintain design consistency.


To start the project off, we sat down with key stakeholders to understand all the brochures required.

The list included numerous overarching sales brochures, athlete training programmes, brand guidelines for internal use, documentation for their warehouse and even yearly price lists. Before diving into the design process, we had to clearly define the objectives of each brochure. Did they need to showcase a new product line, highlight services, or communicate the company’s values? Understanding the purpose then guided our design choices and ensured the brochures aligned with the overall marketing strategy. Given WinTech’s large presence globally, we also had to translate these brochures into Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese.

Although displaying high quality brochures now makes you stand out from the crowd in this digital age, it is always worth having digital versions to share online to help reach those potential clients that are not within your radius.

We turned all brochures into interactive PDFs so that they could be shared on social media, attached to email marketing campaigns and also placed on site for users to download. An extra bonus to interactive PDFs is we were able to include links to help guide traffic to WinTech’s website/social media pages.



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