Magento 2.0 is here

15 September 2022

Is it time to move to Magento?

The long-awaited new version of Magento, which has been in the pipeline since 2010, is faster and more robust, with increased functionality across many areas including: open, flexible architecture; engaging shopping experiences; enhanced business agility and productivity; enterprise-grade scalability; performance, secure payments, easier maintenance and upgrades.



Magento 2.0 will receive quarterly updates to ensure functionality is at its best, enabling developers to code with ease and making sure Magento store owners reap the benefits of an all-improved platform.



Our Head of Development, Liam Wiltshire, comments: It''s exciting to get to grips with another platform, and I'm sure our future clients will soon see the benefits that Magento 2.0 has to offer. For now, we're advising our customers to sit tight until Magento 2.0 is commercially viable to build on. With an active developer community we're sure it won't be long until we're able to build on the platform and ensure all our modules are fully supported by the new version. This way our customers will receive a premium, fully functioning Magento store, that's not only cost-effective but the best on the market.



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