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30 November 2016

In need of Magento support? We provide a complete Magento service; from designing and building Magento stores, through to hosting and support. We'll help keep your website stable, secure and optimised. 

We provide a complete Magento service; from designing and building Magento stores, through to hosting and support. Our Magento certified developers will keep your key asset, stable, secure, optimised and mobile-friendly.

Our Magento Support Service provides cover for any requirements that your site may need. From improving your page load speed to installing the latest security patch, we’ll ensure your Magento store remains up-to-date and performing as it should.

Magento development and support, are core offerings at Absolute. We have a new Director of Development, Dave Chamberlain with over seven years’ experience working with the ecommerce platform. Dave is, of course, Magento certified and has the experience to lead a comprehensive and successful Magento Support Service.


Magento support at Absolute

We’re regularly approached by customers who have undertaken a Magento build with a third party but are either unhappy with their site's stability, security, speed or SEO results, or have realised that they need a mobile friendly version to maintain relevance in the market.

We have a structured support offer that runs from as little as one hour per week - see here for details. This allows us to undertake upgrades on sites that we've not built and to offer store managers a resource for improving site performance.

Signing up to our Magento Support Service is easy and convenient: all you need to commit to is a minimum hour of billable time per month, and you can use this hour (or however many hours you want to sign up for) as you wish. We’ll advise on the latest security patches and upgrades required to make your site perform as it should, but if you need to use your budget for design changes, product updates or SEO advise, that's no problem.


So who can sign up to the service?

We’ll take on the support of your Magento store, even if we didn’t develop it. And we’ll provide a simple, no obligation health-check, at the outset to advise on any necessary improvements.


Why choose Absolute?

Not only do we have a team of certified developers with the knowledge to keep your site secure and updated, we’re also a highly focussed on on-going, comprehensive website SEO. We’ll issue SEO audits and inform you of where we can improve your page ranking – all usable time against your support contract with us. We’re currently ranking page one organically for Magento Nottingham, Leicester and Derby - so we know what we’re talking about when it comes to Magento SEO!

All our developers are in-house, so we are able to respond in a timely manner, and because all support customers get to use our dedicated support control panel, they can instantly monitor progress and submit priority requests.

We also recognise that customers we support on Magento 1 sites will become our Magento 2 customers over the next couple of years, so understanding our customers’ data structures and custom development will greatly help both ourselves and our clients during the transition to Magento 2.

Find out more

If you have problems with your Magento 1 site, or are thinking about how to migrate to Magento 2, please contact Dave Ellis:



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