London Luxury Candles

3 March 2022

A Magento 2 site with trail blazing growth

A Magento 2 site with trail blazing growth.

With a following of 33k+ on Instagram, London Luxury Candle Supplies are a great example of how to promote your business in the digital age. Their beautiful imagery and eye-catching products are perfect for inspiring their customers.

"We've seen substantial growth in our online sales over the past year and have relied on Absolute to improve our site performance and social media integration, which has been an integral part of our success".

The Challenge

We began supporting this client back in the Summer of 2020, with the objective of aligning their M2 site with the high standard of their online social media presence. The client asked us to work with them to upgrade the site and improve its functionality. They needed an agency with a dedicated support team to investigate and resolve issues as quickly as possible, while also making recommendations for ongoing improvements.
LLC Website

The Solution

The team at Absolute worked closely with London Luxury to understand individual requirements, creating a dedicated support board with over 120 tickets. Absolute put together an experienced team of Account Managers and developers to see their vision come to fruition, with regular meetings to ensure timely delivery.

LLC Website Case Study

Apple Pay and Clear Pay

In the modern day a quick and easy checkout is essential to the shopping experience. We enabled Apply Pay and Clear pay on the London Luxury Website and saw an instant increase in sales through these methods, especially with mobile users. For first time users it is imperative that they can access payment methods that they can trust.

Instagram Feed
As London Luxury promotes their products on Instagram with great success, It made complete sense to bring the beautiful imagery through to the main website. To do this we installed the interactive feed directly on their homepage.

Blog Page
With this blog page visible from anywhere on the website the client can create blog posts advising on styling, how to guides and advice on recommended products. This way customers can buy with confidence knowing the client is there to help.

Hot Jar
We installed Hot Jar for this client which allows them to access insights on user behaviour and opinions.

UK Fast Server Move
Prior to transferring support of their existing Magento 2 site to Absolute, LLC were suffering regular website outages and finding it difficult to get enhancements completed to their site to a good standard. The outages were particularly harmful due to the peak and trough nature of their customer demand at the time.

Absolute successfully stabilised the Magento site itself by identifying poorly-performing areas of code and bringing more of the project in line with best practices. In conjunction with a new, optimised server from our partner UKFAST* the LLC site was then able to stay transactional during peak periods. This increased reliability, along with the new headroom for future growth provided, more than paid for itself.

Facebook and instagram shop
As sales from social media are important to this client, we were asked to connect their Magento account to their Facebook and Instagram shops. Doing this ensures that customers can easily purchase what they see with ease and adds two new income streams with already existing media and products.



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