It’s not too late to move to M2 and stay PCI compliant

30 April 2020

Move to M2 and stay PCI compliant

As you are no doubt aware Support for Magento 1 stops on 30th June 2020. There is still time to migrate to M2 and remain PCI compliant.

To support ecommerce stores making the transition to Magento 2, Absolute has developed a Magento 2 Accelerator Package. An out of the box solution providing M2 ecommerce sites, competitively priced, 4 week build, with the flexibility to ensure your new site reflects your brand identity and customer journey. No two sites are the same.

Major payment gateways such as Adyen and Visa state now is your last chance to remain PCI compliant before Magento 1 support ends on the 30th June.

Using our Accelerator does not limit what is possible, it simply speeds up development and reduces costs of a new M2 site.

Learn more about Absolute’s Magento Accelerator Package and take action now.



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