Image correction for critical colour print

3 July 2022

At Absolute, we’re able to handle large print projects in-house using our FOGRA certified printer, meaning we can guarantee accurate colour reproduction in print

For clients such as fabric manufacturers, furniture makers and clothing companies, colour accuracy is key when it comes to their marketing material, so our role is to ensure that all the images we manage, accurately represent the colour of their products.

Our process involves receiving the digital files and collating and outputting them onto GMG Fogra 51 certified proofing media, each image is cleaned up and colour corrected so the colours within the image accurately match the colours of the physical products.

Because our FOGRA certified proofer is calibrated to match leading print suppliers print profiles, we can guarantee accurate colour reproduction when on press. The advantage of this, as well as piece of mind, is that colour critical work can be processed and printed without the need to ‘chase’ colour on-press, saving valuable time and money.

All the colour corrected images are approved by the client and print runs are press passed by one of our senior colour experts to ensure there are no moiré patterns, marks on the blanket or fit/registration issues. No matter how good the printer is or how sophisticated their printing presses are, printing is still a very subjective art with many variables that can affect the end result. We’ll only give the press minder the green light once we’re happy with the printed sheet and that the colour accurately matches our printer's proofs.

The printed materials we create reflect the professionalism of any organisation, large and small, public or private sector. At Absolute, we manage all print in-house and we have the expertise to advise on paper stock, quantities and bespoke options. For more information and to get started, get in touch with us.




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