The importance of brand evolution

19 July 2021

Often brands don’t reflect your position in the market place, it’s either dated or not fit for today’s mobile platforms.

Your logo is your identity and should represent you in a way that you want to be remembered. Your brand may have looked contemporary and engaging a few years ago, but the rule of thumb is that every brand should be reviewed every 10 years. A hard working brand is a necessary component to any successful marketing strategy, even a simple refresh will help reignite your brand to help ensure you stand out.

Brand recognition and how your brand is working across all marketing channels has never been more important. Both B2C and B2B customers’ buying habits are changing with online sales growing at record levels. As a brand owner, you must ensure your brand stands out. Get it right and as part of a successful marketing strategy, your business will flourish.

Technology is constantly changing with more customers viewing brands on mobile devices, ask yourself - have you reviewed your brand since you upgraded your mobile phone? If not, is your brand working in today’s digital era.

At Absolute, we create and refresh brands for a wide range of businesses and understand the many factors needed to make a successful brand whilst ensuring that any investment in branding generates a profitable return.

FREE Brand Review

Our brand experts are on hand to provide a FREE Brand Review and ensure you achieve a commercial advantage over your competitors. Once we’ve reviewed your brand, we’ll provide you with a report which tells you:

• Is your brand performing in the current digital market?
• Does your brand reflect your current service offering on your USPs?
• How your brand can be improved.
• Some ‘quick wins’ that you can implement immediately.

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