End of Support for PostScript Type 1 Fonts

23 February 2023

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Type 1 fonts, which are also known as PostScript fonts, are an old format of fonts created and developed by Adobe in 1984 which have been replaced by larger font sets called OpenType which are now the industry standard. Most browsers and Operating Systems do not support Type 1 fonts and a lot of OS’s are now moving towards the support of OpenType format fonts, meaning support for Type 1 fonts ended back in January 2023.

What will happen to files using Type 1 fonts?

Adobe applications are no longer going to be able to recognise the presence of Type 1 fonts even if they are installed on your OS. For documents that currently use an old Type 1 font you will get that dreaded “missing fonts'' notification. This could become quite a tedious task to correct as Adobe applications will swap out the missing font for an alternative. And as all fonts differ in shapes and sizes (even if they are set to the same point size) you may find a lot of new unsightly text wraps, overset text boxes and messed up layouts causing all kinds of headaches for the person editing the files. You may need to have a complete overhaul of every document that contains a PostScript Type 1 font. If your Type 1 fonts are embedded in file types, such as EPS and PDF files, won’t be affected by the end of support as long as they are placed for display or printing graphic elements. Although if you try to edit these files, it will set off alarms that will require attention and interrupt your workflow.

Can I upgrade my Type 1 fonts?

Many Type 1 Adobe fonts are available as OpenType format fonts from the Adobe Fonts service that comes with a Creative Cloud subscription. If you have Adobe-owned desktop fonts, you can reach out to Adobes partner type network with proof of your original license. If you have a third party Type 1 font that is not owned by Adobe, you can contact the publisher to find out if there is an OpenType format available.

If you have any questions about Type 1 fonts or are unaware if your current literature is using these fonts, please do not hesitate in getting in contact with us and we will advise you on what steps you may need to take.




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