Why brand strategy is important

23 March 2023

A strong brand strategy is vital for building connections with your clients and future customers. It will help improve customer loyalty, drive brand awareness, build repeat business and stimulate company growth.

How to develop a solid brand strategy.


Your brand is much more than your logo, colour palette, website and other creative elements. These are your brand's visual identity and integral to your overall approach, but strategy goes even further. A brand strategy is planning how you use these elements to drive brand awareness, brand confidence and brand stability. 


A successful branding strategy is a long-term solution requiring constant modification over time as you learn what works and what doesn't. Each brand will measure success differently, but hitting your own personal goals will show if your strategy is working or not. If you are not hitting your goals, it may be time to revisit your brand strategy.


With 25+ years under our belt we’ve helped take clients on this journey many times before, so we’ve got the experience to add value every step of the way. With expert industry knowledge, in-depth discovery sessions and factual data we can deep dive into your target audience to help achieve your brand's short and long-term goals.


We'll begin our collaboration with a brand workshop. By hosting an interactive workshop, either online or in person, we pick your brains to understand your target audience, your unique selling points and your industry to equip us to move your brand forward in the right direction.


Next up is brand development. Brand development goes way beyond just a logo, it’s the foundation of your company's values. It says who you are, it’s a reflection of how people see you and how it sets you apart from your competitors. Our brand experts will conduct a brand audit so we can really get underneath the hood to expose the areas that need to be enhanced. We will work with you to determine the best route forward, you may find you only need a brand refresh, but sometimes a full rebrand may be the most appropriate next step. We can help develop your brand name; brand positioning; mission and values; colour palette; graphic elements; iconography and typography.


Tone-of-voice is a crucial but often overlooked element of a brand's strategy and our next area of focus. Not everything can be visualised, so ensuring a consistent, engaging and relatable language style for your brand is just as important. A great tone-of-voice will be styled for your target audience and will help your customers and users create a connection with your brand, resulting in repeat business and strong brand reliability. 


Lastly, we will combine everything we've done into your brand guidelines. Brand guidelines, sometimes known as style guides, contain all the rules set out by your brand, from logo placement, typography, tone-of-voice and tone-of-imagery. With an in-depth set of guidelines, you can be assured that everyone will be able to maintain brand consistency across all your marketing materials.


As an extra little bonus, here at Absolute, we are on hand to help you with marketing your brand. Whether by creating a one-off social marketing campaign or developing a long-lasting partnership and helping run your marketing strategy, Absolute are committed to ensuring your brand cuts through the noise. Don’t just take our word for it, check out our WinTech Racing case study here to see how we helped them get ahead of their competitors.




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